How to Clean Dog Bed Stuffing

How to Clean Dog Bed Stuffing
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People come into contact with germy places every day such as refrigerator doors, restrooms, grocery carts and gas pumps. In the same way, your dog comes into contact with germs and dirt every day that then get transferred to their bed, where they have to sleep every day.

Sure, it’s not where you are sleeping, but your beloved pooch needs a clean and hygienic bed too. Plus, you come into contact with your dog and their bed regularly, so the germs can be transferred around your house if it’s dirty.

Luckily, cleaning your dog’s bed can be quite easy and straightforward. Read on to find out how to clean dog bed stuffing to ensure that your pooch has a healthy place to sleep.

How Dirty Is Your Dog’s Bed?

Dogs and other domestic pets carry disease-causing organisms including viral, bacterial, fungal and parasitic species. Although your dog may not seem ill, they may be carrying an infection that can be passed on to you or your other pets when contact is made with their vomit, saliva, feces and urine.

Many of these organisms can live in your home environment, including your dog’s bed, for up to a year, even without a host.

How Dirty Is Your Dogs Bed-How to Clean Dog Bed Stuffing

Can You Clean Your Dog’s Bed Quickly?

Sadly, there is no fast way to properly clean your dog’s bed and stuffing. While vacuuming the surface removes dirt, dander and hair, it is not enough to remove the harmful bacteria in the stuffing of the bed. The only way to thoroughly clean your pup’s bed is to wash the covers and stuffing regularly, at least every two weeks, and vacuum every second day to remove debris.

When it comes to cleaning different dog beds, it is always best to follow the manufacturer’s directions as indicated on the bed’s tag, as the instructions may differ based on the stuffing in the bed. The temperature of the water and washing time should remain the same no matter what type of bed you have.

Your pup’s bed should be washed at least every two weeks, if not more often. When working out how often you need to wash your dog’s bed, you need to consider a few additional factors such as how much they shed, their activity level and how much time they spend outside.

If any of those factors are high, you may need to increase how often you wash the bed to twice per w eek. Also bear in mind that the longer you don’t wash the cover and stuffing, the harder it is to remove the harmful pathogens from your pooch’s bed.

How to Clean Dog Bed Stuffing

All of your dog’s bedding, including the cover and stuffing, should be washed at a minimum of 140 degrees Fahrenheit using pet-safe detergent and stain remover. If your washing machine doesn’t have a temperature gauge, wash the bedding on the highest setting possible to ensure that all pathogens are killed.

It is important to remember that the stuffing in your pup’s bed needs to be thoroughly cleaned, as this can be the perfect place for germs to breed. Do not take the stuffing out of the bed as this could get caught in the washing machine and pipes.

Wash the stuffing while it is inside the bed or remove it and place it in a mesh sock bag to ensure that all of the stuffing is together.

If your pooch has sensitive skin, make sure that you use organic, natural detergent and rinse the bedding twice. Dry the dog bed in the dryer on the highest temperature setting but air-dry the stuffing in the sun as it may clump or overheat in your dryer. Fluff the stuffing apart so that it can properly dry.

While cleaning the stuffing is very important, remember that you also need to clean the area around your pup’s bed to make sure that you aren’t putting the bed back into a germy situation. If your dog is prone to accidents due to old age or being a puppy, use a waterproof liner or cover to protect the stuffing from urine and other bodily fluids that may seep through the bed cover and into the stuffing.


In the same way that humans regularly clean their bed linen to ensure that they have a hygienic and healthy sleeping area, your dog needs to have a clean space to rest. After spending time in the garden and interacting in the spaces around your home, your dog will pick up various germs that can be harmful if left to breed.

Make sure that you regularly wash your dog’s bed, stuffing included. This way, you can have a happy, healthy dog and bacteria and odors are reduced around your home.

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