Best Chew Proof Dog Bed of 2022 Complete Reviews with Comparison

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If you have a dog that acts mischievously now and then, you are best off investing in a chew proof dog bed. Apart from saving money, you will also minimize the stress for you and your dog.

To help you, we have done significant market research, creating a list of the best chew proof dog bed offers on the market. We did our best to cover the budget-friendly and more expensive products. Let’s get right to it!

Chew Proof Dog Bed Reviews

Comparison Chart

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K9 Ballistics Chew Proof Elevated Dog Bed
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Veehoo Chew Proof Elevated Dog Bed
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Kuranda Walnut PVC Chewproof Dog Bed
K9 Ballistics Tough Rectangle Nesting Medium Dog Bed
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Coolaroo The Original Cooling Elevated Pet Bed

1. K9 Ballistics Chew Proof Elevated Dog Bed

3164nlSNLdL. SL500

To get started, we will present a product manufactured by one of the leading names in this sphere. K9 Ballistics did a fantastic job designing a chew-proof bed that is suitable for dogs who spend time both indoors and outdoors. Not only that, but the fact that it is available in a variety of sizes makes it a fine choice for the owner of almost any breed. Furthermore, you can choose between three attractive colors: Classic Blue, Tan, and Snow Camo.


First, let’s discuss the sophisticated design that this chew-proof bed comes with. The small size is set at 29 x 18 x 3.5 inches, while the medium is set at 35 x 22 x 3.5 inches. The third, largest model measures 41 x 27 x 5 inches and is perfect if you have a large canine friend.

Composed of premium fabric canvas and an aluminum frame, you can be certain that your dog can’t chew through it. The coolest point is that you won’t have to deal with all the mess created from flimsy and soft dog beds. Apart from preventing the chewing habit, this elevated model is constructed to put an end to other negative habits such as nesting and digging.

While the aluminum frame ensures the necessary stability and sturdiness for this product, it is the ballistics canvas that plays an essential role in preventing chewing damage. Furthermore, the manufacturer offers a four-month limited warranty. What it means is that as long as it is your dog who did the mess (though K9 suggests that they won’t be able to), the company will send you a new bed.

One of the coolest points is that it is made to fit all crate sizes while offering enough space for movement around the area. In addition to that, you will have no issues maintaining the K9 Ballistics Chew-Proof Bed as all it takes is soap, mild detergent, and a water hose or a sponge to scrape any dirt off.

We consider it to be a perfect choice for a newbie dog owner as it comes pre-assembled and can be used as soon as it is out of the box. Lastly, the fact that you can get replacement material separately allows you to continue using this product after the four-month warranty expires.

What you should keep in mind is that it is a bit bouncy and may not be as comfortable as the non-chew-proof beds. Other than that, we found it to be a worthy product that you should consider investing in.


  • Comes at a reasonable price
  • Includes an aluminum frame and ballistics fabric
  • Fits a range of crate sizes
  • Available in a variety of designs
  • For small, medium, or large dogs
  • Elevated to prevent bad habits


  • Too bouncy

2. Veehoo Chew Proof Elevated Dog Bed

41M AT1qPhL. SL500

Discussing the chew-proof beds that can be used indoors and outdoors, Veehoo’s model is one of the best out there. It is available in a variety of colors including Brown, Dusty Pink, Beige, Black, Grey, Blue, and Silver. It is suitable for small, medium, large and extra-large dog breeds. Furthermore, it is made of premium material such as aluminum (frame) and chew-resistant mesh fabric.


Similar to the aforementioned product, this one comes with a sturdy aluminum frame that ensures stability and solidity. One notable cool design detail is that the edges of the mesh fabric mat are tightly tucked into the aluminum frame, which means that there isn’t a single inch of wandering material that your dog can chew through. Not only that, but Veehoo also did a fantastic job designing beds for large and extra-large canine friends; their beds can bear the weight of up to 150 pounds.

It is easy to collapse and install, making it a travel-friendly product that you can take on camping trips, picnics, or anywhere else you go. The set-up shouldn’t take more than a few minutes, as most parts are pre-installed. As for the rest, you get a guide with detailed instructions and all the tools necessary. Regarding the product’s maintenance, it all comes down to cleaning your dog bed with a watering hose or a damp towel if there isn’t a lot of grime and dirt.

It is great to know that this bed can be raised up to 9 inches from the ground (for the extra-large mode). Apart from contributing to the chew-proof design, and preventing bad habits, the elevation ensures better breathability and more comfort for your canine. In addition to that, you shouldn’t have any issues fitting it in a crate as long as you get an adequate bed size.

One of the coolest points is the superb stability provided by non-skid feet. Our only issue? The fact that the legs aren’t made of aluminum. Other than that, you are looking at a durable and budget-friendly dog bed that will withstand the everyday stress of chewing and digging.


  • Set at an affordable price
  • Made of aluminum and mesh fabric
  • Simple to assemble and clean
  • Comes in a variety of sizes
  • Elevated from the ground, great breathability
  • Stable with non-skid feet


  • The legs aren’t made of aluminum

3. Kuranda Dog Bed

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If your canine friend has sensitive skin or is allergic to compounds found in the traditional mesh fabric, Kuranda offers a fantastic alternative. What you are looking at is a chew-proof bed that comes with a sturdy frame made of premium PVC and a Cordura fabric that is orthopedic and hypoallergenic. Available in four beautiful variations including Burgundy, Khaki, Forest Green, and Smoke, it is among the most attractive dog beds on the market.


Discussing the design, you will love the Walnut PVC that works as a frame and provides the necessary stability. As for the sizes, you can choose between small at 30 x 20 inches, medium at 35 by 23 inches, large at 40 x 25 inches, and even extra-large, which is set at 44 x 27 inches.

Other than PVC and Cordura fabric, you will find bronze and stainless steel protecting certain parts of this chew-proof bed. It is great to know that this Kuranda product offers a weight capacity of up to 100 pounds which is good for small, medium, and some larger dog breeds.

What we love about it is that it is elevated from the ground, offering fantastic breathability and further preventing chewing, digging, and nesting. With that in mind, you can expect that the Kuranda Dog Bed to stay cool and dry, and offer a wide variety of orthopedic properties. In addition to that, the Cordura fabric comes with great traction and is corrosion-resistant which means that this bed will last for years with proper maintenance.

Similar to the products above, it is simple to assemble and clean. You will need nothing but a water hose or a damp towel. The manufacturer offers a one-year limited warranty that should cover all structural defects. Is there something that we have against it? It is pretty expensive compared to most of its competitors. Still, the durability, quality, and versatility of this bed make it a product that you shouldn’t miss out on


  • Made of premium PVC and Cordura fabric
  • Available in a varied set of sizes and colors
  • Offers a weight capacity of 100 pounds
  • Corrosion-resistant, superb traction
  • Elevated and breathable
  • Comes with a 1-year limited warranty


  • Pretty expensive

4. K9 Ballistics Tough Rectangle Nesting Medium Dog Bed

Moving on with our list of the best chew-proof dog bed offers, we have another product manufactured by K9 Ballistics. The main issue with most resistant dog beds is comfort. Fortunately, this model offers great ergonomics and will be enjoyable for your canine friend. Apart from the popular medium size that is set at 33 x 27 inches, it is available in large (40 x 34 inches) and extra-large (54 x 38 inches). Furthermore, you may choose between a few different color options, including Green, Blue, Black, and Tan.


What you should know is that while this K9 Ballistics bed is a fantastic choice for heavy diggers and nesters, it isn’t as great if your dog is all about chewing. In that case, you will want to go with the aforementioned K9 Ballistics Chew-Proof Elevated Dog Bed with an aluminum frame and tear-resistant fabric. This one is made of polyester and shredded foam that is able to stop certain physical damage caused by scratching and too much movement.

Discussing the premium material, this product is certified by CertiPUR-US, is hypoallergenic, and is made with no harmful chemicals. With that in mind, even if your canine friend has sensitive skin, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Furthermore, this product comes with a 120-day limited warranty on all the damage made by nesting, scratching, and digging. Once again, you shouldn’t expect that K9 Ballistics will replace the product if the damage is made by chewing. As mentioned, they offer another bed for dogs who are heavy chewers.

On the other hand, it comes with a rip-stop, waterproof, and machine-washable cover. The affordable price and the attractive, comfortable design make it a competitive choice that you should consider.


  • Comes at a reasonable price
  • Offers a rip-stop cover that is machine-washable and waterproof
  • Certified by CertiPUR-US, hypoallergenic
  • Weight capacity up to 100 lbs
  • Perfect for dogs with nesting and scratching habits
  • Accompanied by a 120-day warranty for physical damage (except chewing)


  • Not for heavy chewers

5. Coolaroo The Original Cooling Elevated Pet Bed

311UO+1SzWL. SL500

Last but certainly not least is a product that is fantastic for those of you who are on a limited budget. Available in a range of sizes from small to large, it comes in a few attractive colors including Gunmetal, Grey, Brunswick Green, Nutmeg, Aquatic Blue, and Terracotta. As for the materials, it is made out of premium fabric, polyethylene, and alloy steel, which is considered to be the best solution for chew-proof bed frames.


The highlighting point of this product has to be the high-density PE which is made to endure rips, scratches, nesting, and heavy chewers. Not only that, but it also minimizes the appearance of hot spots. In addition to that, you will love the stainless steel frame that ensures the necessary sturdiness and stability. Thus, you won’t have to worry if this bed will fall apart as your dog is lying on it.

While durable, this frame isn’t heavy and is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Furthermore, you are looking at a portable bed that you should have an easy time assembling. Apart from the HDPE, you are also getting a cleanable GREENGUARD certified cover that contributes to the reliability of this product.

It comes with an innovative design, elevated a few inches from the ground. Apart from preventing negative habits such as chewing, nesting, and scratching, it also enhances breathability and should minimize pressure points. Is there anything that we don’t like about it? The fact that your dog may not be as comfortable. Still, the ease of maintenance, sturdy design, and chew-proof properties make it a product you shouldn’t miss out on.


  • Set at an extremely affordable price
  • Offers fantastic sturdiness and stability
  • Made of HDPE and comes with a lightweight stainless steel frame
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Elevated from the ground, great breathability
  • Comes in a variety of colors


  • It is not as comfortable as expected

Wrap Up

At the end of the day, you should make the decision based on the size of your dogs, their habits, and your budget. Our personal favorite is the K9 Ballistics Chew Proof Elevated Dog Bed for the fact that although bouncy, it offers spectacular durability and resistance to chewing habits. For our second choice, we would pick the Veehoo Chew Proof Elevated Dog Bed because it is attractive, sturdy, and comfortable.

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