Best Cooling Dog Bed – Complete Reviews with Comparison

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Many dogs suffer from joint pains and discomfort when they’re sleeping. In order to help with this problem, people invest in high-quality dog beds like the ones below. Not only do the options below help relieve joint pain, but they are designed to be cooling so that the dogs can have ultimate rest. We are going to take a look at some of those cooling dog beds available today to see what they have on offer for you and your pooch. So let’s get right into it!

Comparison Chart

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Furhaven Two-Tone Foam Dog Be
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PETABBY Memory Foam Dog Bed
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Dogbed4less Premium HeadRest Pillow Orthopedic Cool Memory Foam Dog Bed
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Arf Pets Dog Self Cooling Bed Pet Bed
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K&H Pet Products Coolin’ Comfort Bed

Cooling Dog Bed Reviews

Furhaven Two-Tone Foam Dog Bed

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The first cooling dog bed on the list is from Furhaven, and it is an L-shaped chaise foam dog bed. This bed is designed to be easy to clean and comfortable to use. 


The bed is designed in multiple different sizes and comes in a wide range of colors so that one can choose according to their own preferences. It can also be chosen depending on the weight of the dog. When it comes to the design of this bed, it is crafted in an L-shaped bed style and utilizes a two-tone color palette. The covering material is polyester and the mattress is formed with cooling gel foam.

When it comes to choosing a bed for a beloved pet, owners want one that will offer comfort and is easy to maintain. For this reason, the fact that the bed is crafted with a removable cover is a definite plus. This allows you to remove the cover and throw it in the washer whenever you need to. 

On top of this, the bed is crafted using gel-infused memory foam, which helps keep a pup cool and helps with better body alignment. The shape is also crucial when it comes to comfort for any dog. This bed’s exterior material is plush faux fur that increases the pup’s comfortability. Along with this, one can have a wide range of choices so that they can ensure that the aesthetic matches their home.

All of that being said, there are still a few issues that need to be considered before choosing this as their dog’s future resting space. If the dog in question is very active and a little destructive or is teething, the bed will not stand up to this. Although the cover is removable and washable, it does seem to stain and retain odor very easily.


  • Designed with a removal dog cover for easy care
  • Utilizes a gel-infused memory foam to help with better body alignment
  • The L-shape makes it comfortable and offers a ton of security
  • Crafted with a plush faux fur for improved comfortability
  • Comes in a wide range of colors for a better aesthetic


  • Dog bed is not a great option for dogs that are destructive or teething
  • Cover is washable but stains and retains odor easily

PETABBY Orthopedic Dog Bed

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This orthopedic dog bed is an excellent choice for just about any pet owner with a wide range of options. Crafted with features like a non-skid bottom and washable cover, the unit offers comfort and security. 


This orthopedic dog bed uses high-density memory foam finished with cooling gel to ensure that the pup can sleep well. With an egg crate design and a super soft surface, the bed offers a high level of comfort. Designed with a TPU fabric inner liner and a machine washable cover, the unit offers many incredible advantages.

The bed is crafted with a faux rabbit fur flannel that gives it an ultra-soft feel for your dog and makes it way more comfortable. That, coupled with the interior design, which allows for additional weight, makes it a good fit for those looking to relieve some of their pup’s joint pains. Being waterproof and durable is also essential, so the designers opted to use an inner fabric liner made of TPU plastic.

It’s difficult to sleep as a human when it gets hot, so imagine if there’s fur involved. That’s why utilizing the gel foam, which helps reduce heat retention, is such a great addition to this bed. That, coupled with its easy-to-remove cover to keep it clean, makes it clear that this bed offers a lot of value.

So much about this bed is fantastic, but a few issues could be addressed to make it even better. For instance, many have found that though it gives one distinct measurement when they receive the product, it is not quite the same size as they thought. The zipper, making it easy to remove the cover, does have a few durability and quality issues.


  • Crafted with a faux rabbit fur flannel for an ultra-soft and comfortable feel
  • Egg crate designed high-density memory foam helps distribute weight more evenly
  • Designed with an inner fabric liner for improved durability and waterproof capability
  • Cover is easy to remove thanks to the zipper
  • Cooling gel used in memory foam for decreased retention of heat


  • Some have found the measurements to be a little off
  • Issues with the durability and quality of the bed cover zipper

Dogbed4less Memory Foam Dog Bed

415RNb+d2WL. SL500

This next foam dog bed is an orthopedic style that uses a cooling memory foam like the other options but comes in a headrest pillow design that is perfect for larger dogs. So for those owners that are looking for the perfect orthopedic bed for their larger pup, this could be a good option. 


Covered with a canvas fabric cover and filled with a memory foam insert, this bed is designed to be a solid therapeutic option that includes a waterproof internal zipper cover and durable outer cover. It utilizes five times denser and three times heavier memory foam that will retain its shape easily and give your dog a heightened level of comfort.

No matter what, one wants to ensure that the cooling dog bed they choose for their pup offers comfort and eases pain. But along with that, it’s also a great benefit when it doesn’t ruin the decor of one’s home. This bed comes in a plethora of options and is a simple design that doesn’t affect any of that. Regarding the quality, it uses a premium-grade memory foam that helps improve durability, making it last longer. 

It is also designed for large breed dogs, which is handy for many people. Combined with the fact that the memory foam uses a gel cooling finish, your dog will be able to rest comfortably no matter the time of year. In other words, all of that makes this a valuable investment for anyone looking for a bed to help their dogs sleep better.

The design of this bed makes it great for medium to larger size breed dogs. But it doesn’t come in tiny sizes, so it is not the right choice if you have a smaller dog. Although the liner helps protect the bed from some water leakage, it is not entirely waterproof, which means it can allow some water through, leading to damage.


  • Designed with an aesthetically pleasing look and a wide range of colors
  • Utilizes high-quality memory foam and materials for improved durability
  • Price versus value outshines many of its competitors
  • Perfect for larger breeds due to the orthopedic build of the bed
  • Temperature regulating feature to ensure comfort no matter time of the year


  • Not ideal for smaller dogs
  • Liner is not entirely waterproof

Arf Pets Dog Bed

41upEj9AZsL. SL500

When one combines a cooling mat with a bolster bed, they come up with the perfect combination for medium to small dogs. This next cooling dog bed has that combination, so it is one of today’s best options. 


This cooling bed is crafted with a solid gel interior that is simple and easy to maintain. The materials used in the cooling pad are tested and proven to be safe for humans and pets alike. The lightweight material and design make it easy to move from place to place and the bed has a weight capacity of up to 90 pounds.

This bed is designed straightforwardly. A bolster side cushion surrounds a well-crafted cooling mat that is puncture resistant. This is key because dogs have nails, and the puncture resistance allows them to be used for longer. That, coupled with the other premium-grade materials, makes this a very durable model that will stand the test of time. Another great feature of the material is that it is easy to clean.

The bolstered sides offer a little extra security and support, making this cooling bed a very comfortable option for many different breeds. Of course, one of the best things about this is that the cooling properties of the pad are activated by the pressure of the dog, which means it will be more in tune with them.

Unfortunately, there are a couple of things that detract from the benefits one could take advantage of by investing in this cooling dog bed. The first is that there is a limited choice in color and size, which means that it might not be usable for all dog breeds or homes. Along with that, the cooling pad may retain heat a bit if left in direct sunlight.


  • Crafted with a puncture-resistant exterior
  • Designed with premium-grade materials for extended life and use
  • Materials used in design make it easy to clean
  • Built with bumpers around the cooling pad area for improved comfort
  • Cooling pad is made to be activated upon the pressure of a dog


  • Limited choice when it comes to color and size
  • May retain heat when left in direct sunlight

K&H Coolin’ Comfort Bed

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The last cooling bed on our list utilizes an ultra-thick cooling design to give dogs a comfortable sleep. Utilizing natural materials like water, this bed is also eco-conscious, making it a great choice for those concerned with this issue.


This vinyl-coated cooling dog bed utilizes water instead of cooling gel foams like many other cooling dog beds. The water, which is wrapped in a foam core, utilizes the technology that helps with medical recovery and cooling surfaces for skin diseases and arthritic conditions.

There are many different styles of cooling dog beds available out there. But this may be one of the most unique designs because it is a simple yet effective design that utilizes a water-filled center instead of memory foam. Along with this, it is crafted with an air valve so you can manage the cushion level to match the dog. It doesn’t use any toxic materials, making it safer than many other options available today.

It is crafted with high-quality, durable materials, which means it can be used indoors and outdoors. This high-quality material and overall design are focused on helping relieve pain and discomfort from hip dysplasia and arthritis, and skin conditions requiring a cooling effect.

Just because it has all these simple and unique features does not mean it is perfect. Some may find that carrying this bed around once it has been filled with water is quite tricky. On top of that, the water used makes storing it away quite challenging because you have to remove all the water before you do so.


  • Unique design that utilizes a water-filled bed
  • Outfitted with an air valve to help adjust cushion level better
  • Bed uses no toxic gels, only all-natural water
  • Designed to be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Crafted to help dogs with hip dysplasia and arthritis


  • Some may find it a bit cumbersome when water is added
  • Difficult to store away because of water removal

Final Thoughts

For pet owners that are looking for cooling dog beds that offer a lot more than just that capability, the options above are some of the best. We hope that by taking an in-depth look at these, we have helped the decision-making process for dog owners a bit easier so that they can ensure their dogs are getting the most comfortable sleep and rest possible.

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