Can Two Dogs Share One Dog Bed?

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Does your dog suffer from separation anxiety? It’s surprisingly common in dogs young and old. After all, they were born in a litter of at least three or more siblings, with a caring mother. One by one the siblings disappear and then it’s your dog’s turn.

He or she is suddenly whisked away from its mother and moved to a brand new home and dog bed. Everything is strange: the surroundings, the routine, the humans, the garden/yard/park/field. Your dog is given a brand new bed or crate, with a dog blanket that is, hopefully, familiar as it will have been with your puppy at its first home.

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Two’s Company

So what better then to have another dog for company? Slowly but surely the older dog that’s already at the new home will take the place of the mother dog and siblings. The puppy will look up to it and learn from its habits and behavior. Hopefully, it will soon stop wetting its bed and will start to be house-trained and to go outside when asked.

We have always had Labrador Retrievers together with a small dog such as a Jack Russell terrier. The Jack Russell learns from the gentle Labrador and takes on some – but not all – of its character traits.

Sometimes the older dog can take a while to accept the young pup in the family home. It might look upon a puppy as an intruder, as something that’s going to take all his human mom and pop’s attention. It’s therefore important to give your older dog lots of love and cuddles so that it doesn’t feel left out. It’s a bit like bringing a new baby into a home where there’s already a toddler: the older sibling can feel a bit threatened.

At first we always give our dogs two separate dog beds – but the puppy enjoys the warmth and company of another dog, especially during the night time. It reminds the puppy of its mother. So the two dogs end up sleeping together in one bed. In fact mine have decided to turn those two beds into a day bed and a night bed, both of them to be shared. It’s important that at least one of those dog beds is big enough to hold two dogs.

Sharing Dog Beds | Pawsbazaar

Day Bed and Night Bed

For the day bed they seem to prefer the bed that’s in a prominent position in the home. In our case it’s in the kitchen/diner area, which is the centre and busiest part of our home.

The night bed is the better quality bed of the two and is tucked away somewhere darker and more secluded. In our home it’s under a work surface in the laundry room, so it gives the feeling of being safe and sheltered; a bit like a cave. In that location our dogs feel safe – that’s important in a busy home, where someone could tread on small paws or a tail by mistake!

No More Separation Anxiety

With two dogs you just won’t get separation anxiety. They’ve always got each other for company. This is especially good at night time, if there’s a storm outside, or if you have to go out and leave your dogs for several hours. They won’t be bored and they won’t be lonely.

So, yes, two dogs can share one bed – but try to make sure it’s big enough so that the larger dog doesn’t feel cramped.

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