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Even if you don’t live in the UK, Brexit can’t have passed you by.

Brexit in the Dog House

Dogs from all over the UK are barking out to demand a ‘Wooferendum’.  The campaign, officially launched last week with a movie and nationwide billboard blitz, will lead up to one of the biggest four-legged gatherings ever seen in the UK.  On Sunday 7 October 2018, thousands of dogs and their two-legged companions will march through central London to Parliament to call for a People’s Vote on Brexit.

At the march, a Wooferendum PETition signed by dogs, leading public figures and celebrities will be delivered to Downing Street by a delegation of canine campaigners.

“Dogs were never consulted about Brexit,” says seven-year-old terrier Archie, one of the ‘spokes-dogs’ for the campaign. “Ever since the referendum, hardline Brexiter politicians have tried to muzzle anyone who thinks Brexit is a bad idea. Millions of us are sad and worried. Brexit is turning into a dog’s dinner and people deserve a say. Never mind pet passports, it’s our owners we are concerned about. That’s why we are barking out. If your best friend was in trouble, what would you do?”

Out of the Dog Bed

Canines Demand a Wooferendum

The grassroots movement has seen dogs of all types and ages join forces in a collective howl sweeping the country. Photos of dogs posing with ‘Stop Brexit #Wooferendum’ signs have been appearing in cities around the UK, in pubs, cafes, on lampposts and bus shelters – and momentum is gathering on social media – with concerned pets encouraged to get involved and post their own photos. In parks and public spaces, pawlitical pamphlets have started circulating.

The Wooferendum Is Coming,’ a one-minute film featuring dogs taking the lead on the issue, has been created, together with a crowdfunder to raise money for the march and to promote the initiative.

Says Labrador Retriever, Jackson:

“I’ll put my paw print to that. Over the past 11 years I’ve travelled around Europe with my people. My memories include a bunch of grapes stolen from a vineyard in near Perpignan in France, and joining a parade of Austrians in national costume in Salzburg. I ascended the Nordkette in Innsbruck Austria by mountain railway and gondola. I hiked down the Hahnenkamm racecourse in Kitzbühel, walked in the Black Forest in Germany, and last summer I was joined by my brother Fernie the Jackapoo to run along the beach in northern France.

“There’ve been some low points too, including colliding with an electric fence in Germany and picking up leftover sandwiches on the floor of some freeway cafeterias.“So I say to everyone from big dogs to small fluffy dogs, come out of the dog house now and wish all those dogs good luck with the Wooferendum!”

Out of the Dog Bed
Jackson dog in Kitzbuhel, Austria
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